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Hajar el Hibla
the stone of the pregnant woman

December 31 3:50 PM the Capricorn Sun sets on London Fields

Autumn Equinox in London Fields

Spring Ostara in London Fields

Cake fest in Hackney:

May pole Daunce Beltane, the return of the Sun by dance-spell'n 


The Hackney MILE OF ART

Mile of Art Photoblog1 

GrassyArtz Photoblog1

Graffiti come indoors

Gabrielle Motola:  Exhibition of a community exhibiting itself.


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E8 4PH: Portraits of a Community re-opens at the Seven Seven Gallery with a change of the portraits. 

Gabrielle Motola writes:

E8 4PH remains on display at the Seven Seven Gallery until August 20th.

"We will be changing the photographs in the main exhibition spaces and there are many more to be seen on the projection downstairs.

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Image courtesy and copyright Gabriel Motola.

"An estimated 300 photographs have been taken in the self-portrait photo booth since July 27th. 

"A catalogue of the photobooth images as well as all other images will be published in the next week, and a small limited edition 'flip book' of the portraits on display upstairs will be made as well. At the end of the show, the images will be made available on

"Come see them and make some more. "   http://www.gabriellemotola.com/motola/news.php  

Image courtesy and copyright Gabriel Motola.

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