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December 31 3:50 PM the Capricorn Sun sets on London Fields

Autumn Equinox in London Fields

Spring Ostara in London Fields

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Cake fest in Hackney:

May Daunce Beltane, the return of the Sun

The Hackney MILE OF ART

Mile of Art Photoblog1 

GrassyArtz in London Fields announcement

Passing Clouds party

Gabrielle Motola:  Exhibition of a community exhibiting itself.

July '06 GrassyArtz photoblog 1/

Mile OF ART 2  1st October 2006. www.hibla.com/mile06




The Soothsayers at the Vortex, 11 Gillette Street London N16 8JH, Friday 13 April 2007.

The lineup was:

Trumpet-Robin Hopcraft, Sax-Idris Rahman, Drums- Patrick Illingworth, Bass-Kodjovi Kush, Guitar (far left)-Derek Johnson, Guitar-Jonny Phillips Percussion- Satin Singh, and Vocals-Mellow Baku.

Soothsayer - A seer, a person who can supposedly see into the future
a story teller with a futuristic vision.
Soothsayers - A group of musicians playing a fusion of nu Afro beat
and dub; a cultural collision created by movement of people; music with
vision and a message; music for all people from all cultures and nations



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