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July '06 GrassyArtz phtoblog 1/

Mile OF ART 2 Will be on 1st October 2006. 

GUIDELINES AND SCHEDULE for artists wishing to show their work in the 

GRASSYARTZ  event on London Fields, Sunday 16thJuly 2006

Thankyou for joining us. 

We wish to make your exhibition a pleasure and easy to take part in. The organizers of THE MILE OF ART aim that GrassyArtz too might become an important and low budget annual venues for talented yet less well-known artists. For both events we hope you will invest in your own inexpensive Gazebo and be completely independent, rather than relying on stalls which are really more suitable for selling food-stuffs. You can then bring your own covered tables and boxes, chairs and whatever else you might need for the day.

To make things simple, we have allocated 100 equal spaces along the eastern pathway of London Fields, and the first to apply can specifically identify their preferred space or section. The hours are;

Sunday 16th July                              

9.00 am set-up  (vehicles in)     10.30 am (vehicles and bikes out)     


11.00 am. start.         2.30 pm official welcoming              6.00 pm. finish    (vehicles in 6.15pm) 

(There will not be any stalls selling food or drinks on London Fields, as these will be available from appropriate hostelries in Broadway market and Pub on the Park)

All packing material and bikes, cars, barrows must be cleared and out of sight from 10.30am. Similarly you may not breakdown your display or leave before 6.00pm. (The biggest sales are frequently made during the last hour of any art event). Please do not expect to find a car parking space near your stand. But please park tidily while you unload so that other vehicles arenít blocked in.

You will see from the map when booking, how the numbering system (and colour code) makes location simple. Just follow the tracking system at the organizers office at the OFF BROADWAY gallery. A STEWARD will be allocated to every 20 spaces to help you and the visitors. PORALOOS will be available at both ends of the pathway. 

The Police have been notified of the event and are sure to visit during the day. The Special Constables will probably be around much of the time, as they were during the Mile of Art. But it will be up to you to keep your eyes open all the time, DONíT LEAVE HAND BAGS OR CAMERAS LYING AROUND 

Please try to start as early as possible. We recommend that you bring a friend or two to help you out to cope with a long and hopefully busy day.

Please mark all your prices on each item. It is required by law. Please have leaflets and business cards available, particularly as many sales occur after shows have ended. It is recommended that you donít let customers take pictures away unless paid for, or until cheques have been cleared.    

The ĎMILE OF ARTí was a success for many artists and visitors seemed to love it. GRASSY ARTS will be in preparation for the next Mile of Art in October.

Cost of each space will be £30.00 for the day, with you supplying your own Gazebo. Space is limited, so please HURRY to book. Spaces will be 3x3m. with 1m in between each. The cost is particularly low because each space-holder is responsible for keeping the surrounding space litter-free, particularly before leaving. (Please take your litter boxes away at the end of the event.)

NB *Each artistís space will be covered by public liability insurance up to £5 Million, once you have paid the full amount for the one-day event. For this we need to record your name and home address as well as your allocated space number.

VERY URGENT PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SPACE ASAP. We estimate that most spaces will have been booked before the end of May, so do hurry.  

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