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Mile of Art '06 Cancelled

Notice to Artists and visitors

It is with great regret that we have found it necessary to cancel the Mile of Art this year.

It is just one of those things: despite the early notices, too many of our regular artists have other commitments. Please inform your own visitors visitor list as soon as possible.

Despite E-mail announcing the event before the August holidays, the subsequent booking number has not reached enough to cover the budgeted expenses. The projected cost this year required more participants than before, and target numbers had to be increased.

I am personally sorry as this was to be the second MOA. Its a busy time of year and we were unaware that so many artists would be otherwise occupied.

There was positive impetus in July from GrassyArtz on London Fields and at the first Mile of Art last year. Both were very successful for many of the participating artists and enjoyed by the many visitors. So while the need for accessible local art events like Mile of Art proven, the timing for MOA this year was wrong.

NEXT YEAR- Mile of Art '07

Trusting your interest continues, participating artists will be contacted again when the next MOA event looks feasible. It will now be next Summer and not in conflict with other major art events.


We are going to use the website to promote participating artists' work throughout the year by publishing some pictures and information and linking to the artists' other web presences and websites. The overall appearance will be more sophisticated to appeal to a wider variety of visual artists. Please let us know if you have web ideas you would like hosted on

So we would like you to send your own web address and information asap to; There will be no charge for this, for now. It will of course be available to artists hoping to join the next Mile of Art, or if you have already been connected with the Mile of Art 2005 or GrassyArtz 2006.

Those of you who have paid for MOA 2006 will of course get their money back. Please either visit Off Broadway gallery or phone for us to post it if you live a long way off.

Thank you for your hopefully continued support and patience……and again many apologies,


Stephen Selby  | | 

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