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The Irrepressibles Perform at the Yoni Group Launch party in Shorditch

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T he  video/image file is nearly 6mb and may take some time to download especially on a slow connection to hear the Irrepressibles use the sound player in The Yoni group window or go to http://www.myspace.com/theirrepressibles 


The Irrepressibles 
"Conceived by composer/artist Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles are driven by an uncompromising urgency to transcend the popular music form. The collective successfully fuse classical, early jazz and folk genres, a powerful and extraordinary voice and polyphonic orchestral arrangements to create intense & affecting music.

"With this, The Irrepressibles have placed an emphasis on creating spectacle. Their performances have been requested for London Fashion Week, Tate Britain and The Hackney Empire to name but a few in the past two years. Here they have collaborated with artists of various mediums to execute concepts for landmark performances in the popular music field.

The Irrepressibles are now a 10 piece orchestra!
Jamie McDermott - Voice & Guitar, Sarah Kershaw - Piano, Jams Reyes - Orchestral Percussion,Jordan Hunt - 1st Violin,, Rhiannon Armstrong - 2nd Violin, Nicole Robson - Cello, Rachel McLeod - Double Bass, Olivia Duque - Oboe & Cor Anglais, Sarah Tobias - Clarinet & Saxophone,Gary Hughes - Flute

In Shorditch they performed with Adrian Palka and his Steel Cello/ Wolfram Der Spyra the Sound artist and Greg Miller the Sonic sculptor.


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